River Cruises in Europe, Nile in Egypt, Greek Islands and Turkey  2014

River cruises europe

 River cruises are journeys along the great lifelines of the old continent through many beautiful cities, villages, ruins and landscapes. From the comfort of your floating 5 star hotels enjoy great wealth of art, architecture and great music and charming scenery. In addition to our romantic European river cruises, we also offer nature cruises around the Galapagos islands, Amazon cruises, Greek Island an Adriatic cruises as well as sailboat cruises in Turkey around the Aegean Sea and sailing around Sicily.  
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Danube Cruises  A great selection of cruises on Europe's most romantic river with many land combinations 


Spring European Tulip Cruises on Ms Amadeus Diamond Tulip cruise #1 Marvel spring flowering fields and rolling countryside of these two charming countries (L) -2014
Tulip Time River Cruises in Holland and Belgium on Ms Amalegro
  Tulip cruise #2 visit historic cities and flowering fields on this comfortable cruise of the delightful low countries (A) - 2014


Rhine and Danube Cruises Amsterdam Budapest  Rhine and Danube  #1 14 nights/15days Rhine Danube Combination cruise number 1.Combine the experience of Europe's best-known rivers through 4 countries of Holland, Germany, Austria and Hungary - Magnificent Europe - (A) - 2014
Across Europe in 15 days - Rhine and Danube #2 Rhine Danube cruise  - From Amsterdam to Budapest or Budapest to Amsterdam  (L) - 2014
River Cruise Across Europe - Budapest to Paris 
Rhine and Danube #3- the ultimate river cruise - 20 days (A) -  2014


Rhine Cruise Holland, Germany , France #1
Rhine cruise in  8days visiting bustling Amsterdam, Cologne with its famous cathedral, Koblenz ant the confluence of two rivers. Cruise along the most romantic parts of the mighty Rhine (L) - 2014
Rhine Mosel River - Amsterdam - Luxembourg - Paris  #2  Cruise the Rhine River and Moselle River from Amsterdam to Trier for 7nights, then spend 3 nights in Paris (A) (11days/10nights) - A 2014
Rhine River Cruises from Amsterdam to Basel  #3 Relax on the Rhine from Amsterdam to Basel and stay 2nights in Lucerne and 2nights in Zurich at the end (A) 2014
Paris to Prague River cruise   Rhine #4 stay in Paris and Prague and cruise the Rhine and the Main Danube Canal from Luxembourg to Nuremberg -  (A) 2014


Magic of Advent  CR # 1 Christmas Markets cruise Visit  the Beautiful Christmas Markets of Germany and Austria (L) 2014
Christmas on the Danube  Cr # 2 Passau to Passau  (L) 2014
Christmas Holiday on the Danube  CR#3 Celebrate the magic of the wonderful winter season with a fascinating trip from historic Prague through the beauty and history of the Danube (A) - 2014
Christmas Holiday on the Rhine  Cr#5 Zurich, Lucerne, cruise from Basel to Amsterdam - 12days/11nights - (A) -  2014
Christmas Music Cruise on the Rhine  Cr#6 Cologne-Starsbourg-Cologne  7days/6nights - (L) - 2014
Rhine Cruise - Christmas Markets around the Rhine  C #7 Frankfurt - Cologne - Frankfurt 4 or 5days (L) - 2013


New Year on the Danube    from Passau to Passau -  Celebrate the New Year during an unforgettable trip through Germany, Austria and Hungary and visit famous cities along the Danube (L) 2014
New Year's on the Rhine Cruise   from Cologne to Cologne 8days (L)  2014


Southern France River Cruises Paris, Barcelona, Provance  cruise on the Rhone River (A) - 2014
River Cruise on the Seine Paris to Normandy - 9nights/10days Seine Cruise and  Paris hotel stay program (A) - 2014
River Cruises in France Seine and Rhone cruises - 19nights/20days - Barcelona, Provence , Normandy and Paris  - Rhone and Seine cruise with stay in Paris and Barcelona - (A) - 2014
River Cruises in Portugal Douro River Cruise - Lisbon and 7night cruise on the Douro River (A) - 2014
River Cruises in Spain and Portugal Douro River Cruises - Madrid and 7night Douro River cruise from Vega Terron to Porto and Lisbon - 14days/13nights - (A) - 2014


Russian, Ukraine Cruises  in Russia between Moscow and St. Petersburg and the Ukraine mighty waterways  


Croatian Cruises  along the Adriatic’s eastern coast, Croatia with 1200 miles of rocky, indented shore boasts some of the most dramatic and scenic stretches of coastline in Europe


Eastern Mediterranean cruises and Turkey  7nights from Athens to Turkey
Mediterranean cruises - Greek Islands and Turkey 3nights cruise from Athens to Athens)
Greece and Turkey 4nights cruise from Athens to Athens
Greek Island with Athens 3nights with 2nights in Athens. Visit Mykonos, Kusadasi, Patmos, Crete and Santorini and stay in Athens
Greek Islands 4night cruise and land
Athens Mykonos, Kusadasi, Patmos, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini cruise
Greek Islands 7 night cruise and land  Athens, Istanbul, Mykonos, Patmos, Kusadasi, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini cruise 

Turkey - Sailboat (Gullet) Sailings Sail on turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea along ancient cities, romantic ruins, beautiful coves and islands embraced by  imposing coastal mountains of ancient Anatolia


Nile Cruises Relax on your floating hotel along the shore of ancient Nile between Luxor and Aswan


Galapagos Cruises  The ideal way to appreciate the natural history of Galapagos islands under the guidance of a naturalist guide

Amazon Cruise Come with us to experience the great beauty and mystery that still exist in the Amazon! sail deep into the rainforest and watch the wonderful wildlife







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